हिंदी की पेपर खराब होने के कारण इंटरमीडिएट की छात्रा ने फांसी लगाकर दी जान

The hanging of an intermediate student in UP’s Hardoi Jail has caused severe pressure on an intermediate student’s place in Herdoui Jail due to the improvement of his paper.

A middle school student hanged himself for tampering with Indian paper

He and finally the execution of Fancy was the full name of his death Worship which at the age of 17 years Worship was three flowing and in both his excuses to his other number and his The two brothers are also copycats with worship. The first was also an interesting paper.

Intermediate Ka and not handing over his paper after handing over the paper as there is a lot of pressure on his house and when the paper reached his house their parents with severe problems The father asked, finally asking. The pressure is on him.

He had told your father that his father had told him that none of the papers had been corrected, then mentioned it in the newspaper and went to his synagogue but it had fancy on it.

At the same time, while doing some work on the edge of worship, he saw her fall to the ground under his feet and learn to walk.

All the members of his family came to his side and shouted in the middle of the room and as a result of this incident he breathed his last in the ranks of the police and the police rushed towards him. He has since been investigated for torture. Post-mortem has been carried out.

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